About ACI

The Advertising Council of India (ACI) was formed on April 20, 1999 by the Standing Committee on Advertising (STACA) for furtherance of the objectives of the STACA and the objectives of ACI are:

To further the interests of the Indian Advertising Industry through a single, integrated body, that represents all Constituents of the industry - Advertisers, Advertising Agencies, Media, and other related bodies.
To represent the Indian Advertising Industry on all common issues relevant to its Constituents in India and abroad.
To provide a regular continuing interface between all Constituents, for the purpose of creating understanding, on issues that impact the advertising industry as a whole.
To actively encourage the effective use of advertising across all sectors of the economy, to fuel economic growth.
To promote the development of highly skilled manpower resource for the advertising industry by interacting with educational institutions, planning and providing training programmes, both at entry levels and as a part of continuing education.
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